Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Garden of Fiber art Poppies

Since I am a fiber artist I can do anything I want with fabric. There are no rules after all. My daughter wanted a 'real' looking poppy quilt. I spent 6 months thinking about how in the world am I going to make fabric look like a photo of live poppies?  The Poppy quilt had to be perfect after all. Once I had the petal shape - I still could not see how it would work, I took a leap, grabbed a bunch of fabric off the shelf, stabilized it with every kind of stabilizer I had in the house, then I  cut. Maybe I could begin to see a finished project. Here is the result from beginning to end. Each poppy took about 10 to 20 hours .

Stabilized petals.
I guess I can make them look like a Poppy!

4 petals per flower

Kind of looking like a poppy.
They are quite loosely arranged.

I am getting excited by now.

Not only can I use thread for texture, I can use the Artist Paint sticks and oil pastels as well.

Adding Paint.

Waiting for the paint to dry and adding thread,

Painting and thread.

Waiting for the paint to dry.
This took about 3 days.

I used multiple colors of thread in each poppy/

Looking like a Poppy

What to add to the center?
Dark green almost black wool with hairy yarn.

I think this will work.

closer up

close up 

It is getting closer but not quite there.

Painted leaves with oil and thread.
I think the leaves and stems work.

close up

Do they look real yet?

It is a poppy!

It is now on the stretcher bars and ready to hang.

A Poppy Garden Quilt close up.



Vicki said...

Great job on your Poppy Garden, it's very realistic. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

I've been a bit slow lately on mine due to some health issues. I'm hoping to get some more done this weekend.

My next flower wall hanging that I want to attempt is a bearded iris.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!