Monday, April 4, 2011

A day of relaxing - and 'the' Lulu's sewing day

I have my next topic prepared, after Star Quilts - or the transition from quilter to fiber artist, that is for another day.
Today I will entertain you with the sewing dog Lulu. A couple of summers ago I bought myself a brand new 9mm  Bernina, with payments. I left it sitting in the box for months, thinking since I got such a great deal on it, I could bring it home but not use it until it was really paid for. I lasted a whole 4 or 5 months. I really like sewing on this machine for artsy pieces. Lulu came to take over my life shortly after I begin to use the machine. Lulu does not like to be home alone at all for any reason, but I had to leave her. I came home to my lovely new sewing machine in a heap in the floor. Yikes! The poor dog cowered in the kitchen while I picked up the machine, thread, needles, pins and everything else. I could tell she was terrified, I did not say a word, nope not one. This was the night she started sleeping with me, she is lucky I did not know how broke it was until the next day, of course by then I was aware the machine falling, maybe even on her must have scared her half to death.  I did think she needed appropriate consequences for her 'bad' behavior. She got sewing lessons. You can tell she loved each minute of them?

Lulu is really not interested in this process. 

I wonder if Lulu is asking herself, isn't this all the crap I was attacked by the other  day?

"Please do not make me look at it! "

" Well, do I really have to do this?"

"Why me? Oh WHY"

" Well maybe this whole sewing thing is going to work out just fine after all"
She is really interested now. 

"That machine is scary" "Priscilla has my back!"

" Hey Priscilla that is a fine looking wool coat, even if it is a bit big for a little dog like me"


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