Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bags and Pouches

The new bag design is finished, the bags are hanging around waiting for the grommets to get here. I experimented with little pouches today, of course I want all my seams finished - no fringy fraying dust collectors allowed.
The bag fabric is hand dyed by a friend of mine, and I love it .
Out of the scraps I made a little pouch and card,  and we all know how one thing leads to the next.

The new bag pattern. The two purplish bags use to be really ugly quilts.

The midsize use to be an ugly quilt bag.

The little card and pouch.

No raw edges inside or out pouches.
Made from vintage cotton.

New bag and pouches!
The pictures are for ideas.


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Lynn S. said...

I love your bags! wonderful job.