Friday, May 27, 2011

The Basket and Lulu

Awhile back I had an order for a large basket and needed a picture to show the size. The person ordering knows Lulu, so Lulu helped me out.

Can I please have the treat in the bottom of the basket NOW?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Owls Baby Quilt Tutorial

This is a commissioned piece where the fabric was chosen for me with an owl theme. I believe each quilt ought to be unique. I cut the owls from the flannel panel, adding owls form the owls all over piece and made this large baby quilt. I put them together with 2" and 3" sashing using all of the colors chosen.

Fabric selection

Cut strips 2" of 1st color choice.

Sew 1/4" seam then press.

Now what to do?

Orange on 2 sides 

The owls all over on blue is my next choice. This fabric I cut so all the owls are right side up.

I need one more square in the middle.

I think this works with a 2" dark blue border

I squared up the pieces in this step.

Now to add all the other colors which I personally did not like as well. They do look good though.
I find it interesting to sometimes use colors I am not especially fond of. I often end up being surprised by how nice a quilt turns out and I love how it alters my perception of color in the future.

Quilted with binding! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Little Bags

The new bag designs. Some of these are made with rescued vintage fabric, it was never used but really needed to be washed before using. The pieces were an assortment of sizes and shapes, so I have challenged myself to use them. The bags are a great example of using colors I may not love or would not have picked out, however I will in the future.
Triangular from vintage fabric.

I love the extra outside pocket and the color. 

April 21 2011

On April 21 I made a quick trip to Billings, a 4 hour drive both ways, and it is April, spring, rain, right up till 9 p.m. the rain became snow and there was a lot of it. Lulu and I did not bring an overnight bag, no comb, no tooth brush, no extra pillows, nope not a thing except her breakfast and dinner. I am thinking we are almost home, what is a little snow, how bad can it be? Well it was bad! It was so bad the road from Livingston to Bozman was closed, live people were standing in the freeway turning us around. I ended up staying at the Murray Hotel in Livingston, Mt! Normally I would not write about a wet cold dreary night in a hotel, but then again most hotels are a place to sleep, I have my own pillows and blankie I travel with, all of which I am without on this particular trip. I was expecting super8ish suffering. Well, let me tell you I was shocked, they let Lulu in of course and gave her a very nice doggie treat. The bed had a down comforter and plenty of pillows. I was so impressed I took pictures to share on here. If you are ever stranded in a snow storm in Livingston Mt, I highly recommend the Murray, it is not  just a hotel!
Since that night all manner of unforeseen events have occurred in my life, so I have been neglecting the writing if my blog, I suspect unforeseen incidents will always be occurring in all of our lives and quilting for me adds a nice sane balance to the rest of the world.