Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Owls Baby Quilt Tutorial

This is a commissioned piece where the fabric was chosen for me with an owl theme. I believe each quilt ought to be unique. I cut the owls from the flannel panel, adding owls form the owls all over piece and made this large baby quilt. I put them together with 2" and 3" sashing using all of the colors chosen.

Fabric selection

Cut strips 2" of 1st color choice.

Sew 1/4" seam then press.

Now what to do?

Orange on 2 sides 

The owls all over on blue is my next choice. This fabric I cut so all the owls are right side up.

I need one more square in the middle.

I think this works with a 2" dark blue border

I squared up the pieces in this step.

Now to add all the other colors which I personally did not like as well. They do look good though.
I find it interesting to sometimes use colors I am not especially fond of. I often end up being surprised by how nice a quilt turns out and I love how it alters my perception of color in the future.

Quilted with binding! 


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