Friday, November 4, 2011

Parker Snowe at the Helena Farmer's Market Sat December 17th the last one of the season

Our local Farmer's Market is indoors at the fair grounds every sat 9am till 1pm through Dec 17th.  I will be attending with new kindle covers, i pad covers, photo album covers, shrugs, odd sized catchalls, baskets, nook sweaters, postcards, handbags and tons of quilts in all kinds of sizes. Hope to see you there.

Red and yellow bags

New bags for the last farmer's market

Kindle/Nook envelope

New Photo albums

nook envelope, kindle sweater, snap bags
nook or kindle case 


Kindle/nook sweaters

kindle/nook covers with zippers

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lone Star quilt tutorial coming soon is here, ideas

Star quilts were once the only thing I ever made, maybe because I had no idea how to do squares and triangles. Here are a few pictures to pique your interest in the new tutorial. Star quilts really are a piece of cake.


more choices
this one could go oh so many different ways.

4 stars begin
which one to do first

one star center finished 

quilted and ready for its new home
close up 

Quilted ready for binding
This is the one from the lower left in the 4 layed out on the floor pic.
This is like the one on page 72 of my book.
A customer called and said I want the quilt on page 72 in these colors.
I had to really look at the picture to figure it out. She likes it because it looks like spokes. 

Why these colors I have no idea, all I can say is the day I choose them I loved them.
It is a great example of diamond arrangement.