Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas and non traditional holiday socks

Tis the season for socks and I have been having a blast making socks, turtles in paradise, Sunbonnet Sue in woolens, doggie paws and what ever strikes my fancy at the moment. I've made a few tradition socks as well.  However I see no reason to stick to a color theme at all. After all dogs don't care what color their socks are and it is winter so I am sure Sunbonnet Sue loves her woolens. So many sock ideas and so little time.

Doggie Paw socks

More doggie paw socks one with a shabby chic flair


Sunbonnet Sue in woolens
Turtles in Paradise socks
A woolen doggie paw sock

A Christmas Sue, shabby chic, and X-mas by the sea.