Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is fiber art? Am I a fiber artist?

I love fiber and fabric and I often wonder what and exactly who is a fiber artist and what really is fiber art?
It is every single piece of work I do, or just some of them? Is it the post card I made while experimenting with scraps - literally forcing myself to use pieces I might have hated? Is the fiber art the naked me quilts, these were also a bit forced - yet don't all 'real' artists have to do at least one nude?
In the coming days I will be sharing the evolution of quilter to fiber artist, the transition from 100% cotton to anything I can sew or add to cloth. Watch for tutorials on all of the quilting, fiber art things I most enjoy.
On the days when nothing seems to be working properly or timely and I am spinning wildly out of control in tightly confined circles I suspect I am my most creative.

A Postcard

Naked with the Moon


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