Saturday, March 26, 2011

There are 'No Rules' to making bags - a new design

Today I tried a new design with one of those ugly quilts I could not stand to look at any more - it makes a great colorful, useful bag. Ugly quilt - beautiful bag. This got me to thinking about what is really important  in the process of making a bag and the final product. I want the bag to last forever- I know it is made of cloth, but a few back stitches here and there help. Lined pockets and finished seams add durability and life to the bag. (any bag with fraying seams, seems so pointless) What do you put in a cell phone or i-pod pocket ----- Of course your expensive little toy, so the pocket should be a bit padded. Today I did an inside zipper pocket and it is lined as well. Maybe some one keeps their glasses case in that pocket.  I know some city women worry about theft - none of my bags have top zippers yet, but there is at least one internal zipper pocket in most of my bags - where you can keep the good stuff. Bag fabric can be anything, I prefer the plush decorator fabrics some days and lighter weight stuff other days, if it can be sewn it can be a bag.

Decor Bond inside the pocket

pocket wrong side out

pocket right side out

bag pieces from ugly quilt

Out side open pocket added 

zipper pocket top

Zipper pocket ready to be added to lining

cell phone and zipper pocket ready to go

 Hanging magnets
sewn in magnets added - I am not sure if I like these
A friend of mine who lives in the city shared with me yesterday her wallet with all her valuables was stolen from her zippered purse. Now I will think about this and how do you make an every day  City bag  the most functional?  The inside zipper pocket you can reach, but hard for someone else. What about cell phone or Ipod pockets? Do they need to be more secure as well? Questions for myself and the functionality of bags.

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