Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bag notes about pockets for cell phone, i-pods and such

I want to add a few more thoughts on bags with pictures. As I was working on this bag thinking of structural integrity in the way the pockets are sewn, the double layers why in the world does this matter. I have had so many comments on how my bags as as nice inside as they are on the outside. You see the outside of the bag, others see the outside of the bag and of course how the bag looks and feels matters, but where you are really interacting with your bag is the treasures and other such stuff you carry around with you. Other then the one little seam which is stitched up inside the bag, the bags I make are almost reversible, the inside matters as much as the outside, it is the part you are digging around it. The inside of this one feels like silk.

 The zipper pocket
The outside waiting

The cell phone or ipod pocket

Enough fabric for a bigger pocket
It needs a bit of free motion quilting

Quilting done pocket ready to attach to lining
The pocket is attached 

Inside pieces 
The inside is ready

Sewing the outside to the inside
Done waiting for grommets


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