Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something witty or not?

Of course when I started this blog I thought for sure I would have something witty to share every day, instead what I have found is maybe I am good for 5 or 6 witty sentences a year. Often even though I am working on something new or interesting in terms of fiber art I am so engrossed in the project I forget to share, this coming from some one who also forgets to eat. (speaking of I mean to pay more attention to eating when engrossed in a project so I pop something easy in the oven, only remembering it is there as that slightly burned smell wafts through the air) Or perhaps I can't think about the process I just have to do it. The city scapes quilts are a perfect example. Right now I am working on updating my web site, not my favorite thing, though I find I feel like a real grown up when I do,whatever that means. My book, patterns and angelina fibers are always available from my web site. I gave up etsy, while a great net working tool, I have a mini shopping cart on my web site.

After all the Farmer's Markets this summer I made an executive decision to turn my living room into a gallery. Keep in mind in a normal persons house what I call the living room would be a bedroom and the studio would be a living room, but alas this is not a normal person house. The Parker Snowe Gallery is now open by appointment only.

Right now while the studio happens to be ultra cleaned up I am working on finishing all those projects I never quite get around to because I have to clean up first. Not sure how long this will last but 2 down and several hundred to go. The birds is just one of many.
One finished project for the Montana Audubon Society to raffle.
The birds are from a google search for free appliqué bird patterns. 

Studio, quilting machine space. 

The studio all too organized.

A cleaned off cutting table in the studio.
Perfect place to hang skinny quilts for the evening

Studio space used for an event.

Studio used as gallery space for one event. I've left two of the quilts hanging just so I am not distracted by all that fabric hiding behind them. 

Gallery space

Christmas socks of all sorts.

Gallery space.

New gallery space 

Gallery space in a pinch I can still use it as a living room.

Gallery space.


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