Sunday, December 15, 2013

Small spaces and bad lighting make for nasty photos!

As a fiber artist who makes large quilts as well as small quilts in a little house with low ceilings I am always and forever trying to figure out how to take decent photos. Just in case those of you who follow my blog haven't noticed I am not a photographer. I have spent much time mulling over how to fix this and I think I have a solution. Today I went shopping for new pillow cases to match the quilts I want pics of, a gallon of Antique White paint, new lamp shades - white of course and tons of day light light bulbs. I had the back ground color on my web site changed to a soft gray today as well. So we will see how this all progresses.

I think a whole lot of artists live in smaller then they need houses as do many other people. I do not have a single room in this house where I can get a 'perfect' quilt on a bed shot. I happen to have a very dark wood book case in my room, so for today I covered it with a sheet, not so great in my opinion. Tomorrow the shelf gets moved and I am so wishing I had a magic wand to move it, well more the books then the shelf.

The room with the blue walls which I rarely ever go in is the lightest room in the house. So one blue wall is going to now be antique white, I will use it to take pictures of my small work. Maybe I can get pics of a red basket that shows the red, or whatever other color my work happens to be. We will see.

Ultimately it does not matter if you live in a great big huge house or a tiny one, we all like to be comfortable where we live and I want my work to be seen for the color it is, cause it can live anywhere.

Happy Holidays

A bluish wall will become antique white.

Daylight bulb on the left, soft white on the right. I love soft white but it makes for yellow  toned pictures. 

This is a combination of light and it is close to the actual color. 

This is in the same light but much closer to the reality of the color of the quilt. and this is what I am going for  in my pictures.
The ugly brown dresser got painted antique white.

The wall behind the dresser was also painted and a piece of whitish carpet added.
Much better for taking pictures now for a better camera.


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