Sunday, January 22, 2012

The rescued fabric living on my house

How do I explain the fabric I rescued? There really was about 20 tons of it, it took 4 or 5 months of hauling it home from the dreary warehouse basement where it had been livi   ng in the dark. Fabric needs to breath, in the light.  I started small with a couple of car loads, it was kinda smelly, could it be saved? There were hours and days of sorting and washing, if it couldn't be washed it was out of here. There were tons of polyester, the original stuff with glue on the back, most of which had turned black, the 100% wool it was glued to ended up being wonderful. I ended up bringing it all home, my friends thought I was nuts, they could be right. The colors and types of fabric are terrific, all kinds of windows and creative doors were now wide open. What could I make, as I was still sorting and washing, a 4 year process, really truly! The washed in laundry soap vinegar and baking soda, hung on the line in the sunshine to dry, folded and too much in the studio, lots of containers full in the garage is now providing a 24 hour a day retreat in my studio. I am in awe everyday and once in awhile overwhelmed. There were zippers too, lots and lots of zippers. Part of the reason I rescued it was because I knew it was going to the dump if it did not find a new home and much of it had the mills where it was made on the pieces of fabric. I looked them up, this fabric was manufactured in the United States, in mills no longer open.

Sorting, it all came in black garbage bags or boxes

Always and forever sorting


Fabric and zippers

Just a bit of it now, washed clean and in the house waiting.
Cottons for ordinary quilts.

Rescued fabric 


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