Friday, January 27, 2012

Doodles with thread

I've been working on this yellow and blue 9 patch forever, mostly because I find squares boring and corners hard to match. (My star quilt followers are probably laughing hysterically - but it's true) It is a scrappy 9 patch so quilting can be for fun. I can doodle, I use to doodle on paper while I talked on the phone, who knows what I might have said. Machine quilting is doodling with thread, loud sooting movement music and I really like how this quilt turned out. 
Now I've added more pictures of a customers quilt, also doodled - this is a blast.


9 patch 

The back is a piece of my rescued fabric.

Sandi one of my customers brought this hand pieced quilt for me to quilt. 

Yes she really hand pieces the whole thing, then brings it to me to machine quilt, she is so cute! 


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