Sunday, December 18, 2011

All my work and what to do with it?

I decided I wanted to know exactly how much stuff I have finished, so I counted it. Here is the list and here are the pictures. Now I know marketing is not my forte but ......??????  It is all right if I am not a marketing expert or a photographer, if I were I wouldn't be a fiber artist. As you can see I don't have a favorite color, all colors are wonderful in the right combination. To enhance my creativity I occasionally limit the materials I use, the bags are a perfect example as well as the post cards. Now why would you want my work? Every piece of work no matter how small is made individually, with mindfulness, you get a one of a kind piece, which in turn becomes a reflection of you.

1 -  scarf, I cut up all the others and made bags which I find much more interesting

9 - shrugs - they are so fun and so easy and so warm - I actually am surprised by how much I like them.

21 - make up or travel bags or for stuff, kids love them for treasures

104 - post cards - you can really mail them

62 - bags not counting the ones that are sold and still here. Bags of all kinds sizes shapes and colors, inside the bags are sometimes more interesting then outside the bags.

20 - photo album covers

69 - baskets and oh how I love baskets

25 - odd things little experiments in snap bags, etc

24 - matted or framed art pieces

18 - credit card sized holders, I was having so much fun with them - they are a perfect example of ' I have this one piece of material this size what useful thing can I make

5 - ugly eye glass cases that are oh so soft.

21 - artsy check book covers

5 - boarding pass holders

3 - cell phone hang over your neck things which I do not like, not one bit, not with green eggs and ham not at all

3 - ipod cases, these I plan to play with some more

32 - kindle. nook covers. Now these I have had a bit of fun with, a couple open like a book, a few are envelopes with velcro, some have zippers and some have buttons. I am thinking kindle and ipod covers have lots of room for fun.

9 - full sized quilts - full meaning at least a normal queen, anywhere from more or less ordinary to it really ought to be hung on a wall.

 1 - art quilt - I love this quilt and since I want 15,975.00 for it I am thinking one of those really rich CEO's might be able to afford it.

1 - poppy quilt - this is my master piece art quilt of the year.

39 - pieces of fiber art to be hung.

1 - set of 3 pillows from wonderful designer fabric

1 - baby blanket bag combination very artsy

3 - flower quilts using a dresden plate with a twist

13 - table or lap quilt sized pieces

bags kindle covers odd stuff and art 

baskets and odd things and photo album covers



large quilts

small lap or table quilts

I have added all of the kindle/nook covers to my web site at 


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