Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Mother wanted to play checkers, instead I got her engaged in a confetti art quilt

After breakfast while the dogs frolicked and the men (brother and sons) cooked dinner, I got my mom engaged in a confetti quilt. Once she understood the over all concept she was engaged. Now she will have to make several trips back to finish it, I wonder if she will be needing a sewing machine of her own? Naw, probably not,  she hates sewing and confetti is just cutting, she has some design ideas though. My maternal grandmother was a serious sewer/quilter, I learned everything from her. My mother on the other hand hated sewing, really hated it, well of course she did she had a worthless never kept the tension right, cheap piece of (insert many bad words here....)  for a machine, No Wonder she hated it! But I have plans for her, yep, we start with the cutting, then the design, get the daughter to do the sewing/quilting, then who knows maybe she'll talk me into helping her paint her red white and blue bedroom. She is painting a flag on one wall, I'll help with the others and make the star quilt.

Charlie, Oma's dog.

Whipped cream for the dogs! 

Yep they love it! 

Fabric selection for confetti 

Original background color, I was wanting orange for my wall in the kitchen, my mother decided to go for blues, she has a plan, something about trees and horses and a rainbow.

Oma has the blue side, I am still going for orange for myself

We are moving right along

Oma in the orange breakfast nook in progress.


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