Monday, September 19, 2011

Liberian Batik Queen size Quilt

I love having fabric from another part of the world to play with, a friend brings me the batiks back from Liberia. I found it interesting to quilt them, the batik is already complete in and of itself, the quilting is an enhancement of the piecing, but in this case the quilting is an enhancement of some one else's art, so for me it is like walking in the foot steps of another person. Who made this batik, what were they thinking and feeling, was it hot and humid or dry, do they make a mess when they work or are they neat and tidy? How do they use so few colors to get such a stunning piece? I want to go to Africa to meet the person who made these batiks.

Liberian Batik

close up




Karoda said...

Linda, they are beautiful!!! and I know your quilting rocks too...are you selling these, not that I can afford it, because I can't but I have some batiks from Central Africa and now I'm wondering, what if.....

Parker Snowe said...

Oh I would love to quilt them for you. My first thought is often to quilt but I have a 50's batik from Indonesia it would be perfect for the wall not a bed. The quilting adds texture but does it need texture? Would those of us who quilt, quilt everything? Yes I think we would.