Saturday, October 6, 2012

City Scape's and left over bits of fabric

Earlier this week I decided my studio floor was out of control, you know all of those scraps you have been meaning to do something with and if you put them away you will never see them again so they get left out. I had started the one city scape's months ago, it of course is still hanging on the design board. I also have a ton or two of orange, yellow and turquoise scraps waiting for something to be done with them, these I could change my mind about how to finish 50 times before I finally get around to it. There are always so many projects and ideas and thing to do. Cutting large pieces of fabric up into pieces for a specific quilt is oh so much easier then coming up with ideas for all the left over bits. 

City Scape's 1

The studio floor, a bit dark so no one else really knows just how bad it is.
The fabric on the quilting machine is for bags, the lining as well as the out side. I thought it would make for more interesting bags.  

City Scape's WIP 

City Scape's WIP 

City Scape's WIP 

CIty Scape's sky WIP 
Orange Scraps WIP


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